What participants think about click.4tech Hackathon:

Engaging Challenges: Brace yourselves for an array of exhilarating coding, robotics & A.I. challenges designed to test participants' skills, resilience, and teamwork. From constructing robots to solving complex coding problems as well as building simple A.I models, each challenge will push boundaries and inspire ingenuity.

Workshops and Tech Talks: Enhance your coding, robotics & A.I. knowledge through interactive workshops and s inspiring tech talks led by industry experts. Learn about the latest trends, advancements, and career opportunities in the tech world. These sessions will provide valuable insights and inspire participants to explore new possibilities.

Live Demos and Exhibitions: Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere of creativity and ingenuity as participants build and showcase their projects through live demos and exhibitions. Get inspired by the incredible solutions, inventions, and prototypes created during the hackathon. Witness firsthand the potential of young minds when given the tools and platform to innovate.

Empower the Future Innovators: Click.4Tech Hackathon 1.0 provides a unique platform for young minds to showcase their coding, robotics & A.I. skills. By participating, students will gain hands-on experience, enhance their problem-solving abilities, and unleash their creativity.

Inspire Creativity: Ignite the spark of creativity and innovation as young minds delve into the captivating realms of coding, robotics & A.I. This hackathon empowers students to transform their ideas into reality and witness their imaginations come to life!

Unleash Potential: Unleash the full potential of young tech enthusiasts as they showcase their programming prowess, problem-solving skills, and ability to think outside the box. Click4Tech Hackathon offers the perfect stage to unlock hidden talents and nurture the next generation of coding and robotics prodigies.

Collaboration and Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals, educators, and industry experts as you engage in a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts. Collaborate, learn, and forge lifelong connections that could shape your future in technology.

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How to Participate?

Schools and Colleges: Register your institution and encourage your pupils students to embark on this remarkable journey. Witness their growth, be a part of their success, and nurture a culture of technological excellence.

Parents and Guardians: Encourage your young tech enthusiasts to showcase their skills, broaden their horizons, and gain invaluable experiences. Support and cheer them on as they explore the thrilling world of coding and robotics.

Sponsorship Opportunities: As a world-class hackathon, Click4Tech offers sponsorship opportunities for companies and organizations looking to support and invest in the future of technology. By sponsoring the event, you can showcase your brand, connect with talented young individuals, and contribute to the advancement of coding, robotics & A.I. education, and empower young minds to become future tech leaders.

Contact our sponsorship team at [+234 70 192 419 60 or +234 80 290 698 78] to explore partnership possibilities.

Register now to secure your spot and be a part of this transformative event that will leave a lasting impact on young minds. Together, let's pave the way for a future where innovation knows no boundaries!

Procedures for participation:

Register Online: Visit our website and complete the online registration form. Ensure that all required information is provided accurately.
Prepare for the Hackathon: Stay updated with event announcements, guidelines, and any pre-hackathon materials shared by our team. Familiarize yourself with the competition rules, coding platforms, and recommended resources.

Attend the Hackathon: Arrive at the venue on the specified date and time. Bring your enthusiasm, creativity, and a mindset ready for innovation and collaboration. Don't forget to bring any required equipment or materials mentioned in the guidelines.

Sponsors and Partners: We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our current sponsors and partners who are generously supporting Click.4Tech Hackathon 1.0. Their contributions have made it possible to provide this exceptional platform for young tech enthusiasts. We welcome additional sponsors and partners who share our vision and want to make a lasting impact on the future of technology.

Become a Sponsor: Join us in empowering the next generation of innovators and gaining exposure to a diverse audience of schools, parents, and talented young minds. Contact our sponsorship team at +23470 192 419 60; +23480 290 698 78 to explore partnership opportunities and custom packages tailored to your organization's needs.


What are they saying

Ms. Johnson

Teacher at Sinclair Web School

Our school will be participating at the Click4Tech Hackathon and the preparations for this mind blowing event is such a transformative experience for our students. They are rapidly building problem-solving skills, teamwork, and gaining confidence in their abilities. We look forward to becoming the winner of this Hackathon as the support from the organizers is so commendable.


12 years old, Divine Oak schools

The Click4Tech Hackathon has provided a platform for me to showcase my skills and creativity. The challenges are so engaging and has allowed me to apply my coding knowledge in real-world scenarios. I also appreciate the constructive feedback from my mentors and coaches which will help me grow rapidly as a young coder.


14 years old, Young Builders Academy

Click4Tech Hackathon will no doubt be an incredible experience. It is pushing me and my team members to think outside the box and explore new possibilities in coding and robotics. I am learning so much from the mentors and looking forward to the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share my passion for technology.